Increasing rental prices, unfavorable fixed term leases and growing uncertainty due to the political and economic situations are making even larger businesses think twice before signing on the dotted line of large, high risk properties.

Coupled with this, statistics are showing that remote working is improving morale and productivity, with the traditional 9 to 5 mind-set dying away with remote working and flexible hours now becoming the norm.

But company infrastructure is failing to keep up with the pace of change, with old IT systems being blamed for not enabling people to remote work when they needed to.

Business VoIP: Will It Power the Telecommuting Business of the Future?

Business VoIP is the natural instigator of business change, enabling secure remote working to take place in a way that means that employees of both small and large companies can be accessible wherever they choose to work. This not only enables employees to choose how and when they work, but gives businesses the flexibility to mitigate risk when it comes to choosing office space and lets them facilitate a way of working that can grow and adapt to their ever changing needs.


More than two-thirds of people around the world work away from the office at least once every week, according to researchers. A study released Tuesday by Zug, Switzerland-based serviced office provider IWG found that 70 percent of professionals work remotely — a phenomenon known as telecommuting — at least one day a week, while 53 percent work remotely for at least half of the week.

The ability to work from home and the emergence of digital office rental services has led to changing attitudes around where people should work and whether they should stick to the traditional nine-to-five working hours.

IWG surveyed 18,000 business professionals across 96 international companies for the study. Dixon said established corporates were leading the charge into remote working, to boost productivity and job satisfaction. HSBC, for example, rented out more than 300 hot desks in a space run by WeWork in Hong Kong last year. WeWork, reportedly worth $20 billion after an investment led by Japan’s SoftBank, counts Microsoft, Salesforce and Spotify among its enterprise clients.

Working remotely is a core part of many organisations’ flexible working initiatives. Technology has enabled the number of remote workers to rise rapidly in recent years; the TUC estimates that the number of UK people working from home increased by a fifth in the 10 years to 2016, and now stands at around 1.5 million people.

In summation the digital environment has shifted the way that people now work and in doing so necessitated the implementation of business VoIP in many companies. With business VoIP you can keep the company connected without expensive solutions as well as redefine the way your staff work allowing telecommuting to be implemented seamlessly.

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