Technology in the modern working environment is now more reliant on integrated systems including the way we communicate both externally with clients and internally with colleagues. At Buzz Connect we can provide a cloud based telephony solution that links to your databases and email systems. Buzz Connect can provide you with our CTI (computer telephony integration) client software to install on your computers enabling a seamless transfer of data between systems and enhance your telephony system.

How it works:

Buzz Connect computer assisted telephony

Once the CTI Client is installed and set up your business telephony becomes simple:

  1. As soon as the phone rings, the name and contact information of the caller are displayed.
  2. Answering the call is as simple as a click of the mouse.
  3. Create conversation notes that are subsequently available to your colleagues.
  4. At the end of the call, the call is logged in the call journal.

The Buzz Connect CTI Client has many rich features to complement our cloud based telephony.


The Phone Dialog – your personal communication centre

The CTI client allows you to manage your calls easily, comfortably and intuitively on multiple tabs. Missed calls, a call history, speed-dial entries, the contact form and other functions can be accessed directly via the tool button, pop-up menu or hotkey. The integrated search function allows quick access to all your contacts.

Speed dial with TAPI monitoring and presence status

You have the ability to create one or more speed-dial panels with any number of speed-dial keys. Each button can be assigned a monitor LED. Server-based speed dialling panels additionally enable the display of the presence status. Thus, you always have in mind whether a colleague is currently on the phone, free or does not want to be disturbed.

The History – all information at a glance

In the “History” you can see a summary of the most important information about a contact. Name, company, address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, calls, notes and other data fields are displayed according to your own specifications.

Dialling from within other applications

Simply click with the middle mouse button on a phone number in an e-mail, a web page or an Excel spreadsheet. A small pop-up dialling menu will display the recognized number and a second mouse click will start the call. Another possibility is the direct dialling of a marked telephone number by hotkey (for example, via the “Pause” key).

The Buzz Connect CTI client allows you to:

  • Organize phonebooks and contact information
  • Create new phonebook folders with custom data structure and customized data mask.
  • Integrate your existing contact data as a phonebook folder.
  • The CTI Client supports various data sources:
  • Outlook Contacts
  • ODBC (databases with ODBC driver, for example Access)
  • LDAP data sources
  • CSV text files
  • Lotus Notes Contacts,
  • ACT! Contacts,
  • and more…
  • Integrate shared phonebooks by linking data sources from the network.
  • Use the extensive search functions to quickly and efficiently access your contacts even in large databases.

Call logging in the call journal

The journal is used to log all calls with

  • date,
  • name,
  • phone number
  • And call duration.
  • Missed calls are highlighted.
  • Individual entries can be marked with a status and a category.

The integrated search filter bar allows the journal entries to be filtered by name, phone number, time frame and call status (incoming, outgoing, connected and missed).

Offline journal in conjunction with the CTI Server

When your PC is switched off, calls are recorded in a server-based offline journal and transferred when you next login.

  • Use with Outlook®
  • Direct dial out of Outlook.
  • Display of all numbers found for an e-mail address.
  • Shared contacts and contact notes in Outlook and CTI Client.
  • Call logging in the Outlook Journal.
  • Automatically open the Outlook contacts on an incoming call.

Control of other applications via “interworking”

By using interworking control sequences you can run applications, scripts, documents and URLs automatically on a call and manually via the menu or hotkey. The phone number or any database fields are passed using wildcard variables as parameters in the file path or in the URL. Another option is to control other applications using simulated keystrokes.

For example, it is possible to automatically open an online telephone directory in a web browser or to transfer the telephone number to a running CRM application on incoming calls.

Dates and tasks

The Buzz Connect CTI Client also offers the capability to organise:

  • Personal appointments, tasks and call reminders with the integrated appointment manager.
  • Birthday reminders are automatically displayed based on your contact information.
  • An “appointment alarm” informs you of all due dates.

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