Based in Bristol, Remote Surveillance provides 24/7 remote surveillance services. Buzz Connect helped with the installation of their bespoke phone system.

Remote Surveillance Ltd has been running for over 20 years providing remote site surveillance for construction sites, property developments, solar farms and permanent locations as well such as shops and restaurants.

Company: Remote Surveillance Ltd
Industry sector: Construction / Security
VoIP system size/configuration: 10

Remote Surveillance Ltd

The Brief

In January 2018 Remote Surveillance Ltd approached Buzz Connect looking for a solution for their phone systems.

Remote Surveillance Ltd previously had been using mobiles and wanted to achieve a professional look with installing a fixed landline. They were looking for the following features:

  • Call center to be based overseas.
  • Free calling between offices using extension numbers.
  • IVR menus and call transferring.

While gathering information they found the cost implications associated with using a traditional landline phone system would’ve been too high so VoIP seemed like the best option.

The client wanted the ability to have a UK office phone system as well as an overseas call center in Thailand which they could call using extensions and internal extension numbers for free.

The Challenge

Remote Surveillance Ltd faced the following challenges in finding a phone service solution:

  • No lag time, no difference between UK and Thailand.
  • A phone system which was as one; customers may have been aware that there was another office off shore but Remote Surveillance Ltd didn’t want the phone system to perform in a different way.
  • Call transfer and internal ringing to be as if they were in the same office.

Standard phone systems wouldn’t allow for them to have 2 offices, one in UK and one overseas, which would have meant 2 providers with 2 different contracts. The UK base was using mobiles so couldn’t transfer and was very unforgiving if someone didn’t pick up, therefore the loss of customers was an issue.

The Solution

Buzz Connect have set up 2 separate customer accounts (Remote Surveillance Ltd – UK) and (Remote Surveillance Monitoring – Thailand). We have implemented extension to extension dialing using a back door method to allow for 2 separate invoices to be generated for both the UK and Thailand while still allowing for calls to be transferred using extension numbers which other providers will of struggled to do.

The Results

Remote Surveillance Ltd are very impressed with the Auto attendant feature to allow them to sort calls between different departments without having a receptionist to distribute the calls.

Buzz Connect have provided flexibility in terms of build for the customer allowing them to create a bespoke phone system for their needs within a budget.

The customer has been impressed with the speed and turnaround of general account queries and changes right through to new orders and the speed at which we can get new handsets / users set up and working.


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