For both large and small companies, “staying agile” has become an important way of avoiding the mediocrity and bureaucracy that can accompany growth, which can result in missed opportunities and lost market share.

The ability to jump on an idea and proceed at pace has been much discussed from a management and strategic perspective. So what should you examine in the infrastructure planning and implications that being either a fast growing small business or fast moving larger business can entail?

Agility means being prepared to change directions if things aren’t working out. Some of the most successful businesses in the world started out as something completely different. The entrepreneurs that built these businesses shifted, pivoted and made a space for themselves where their vision worked. If you look at your business as an experiment, then you never fail. You’re just working on the right formula.

Agile Business Modeling is a new, lightweight approach that combines business development with agile principles to build a flexible organisation capable of reacting fast to unpredictable changes. The modeling approach is iterative and delivers the architecture and roadmap to prevent chaos.

Agile Business Development puts the client experience at the heart of the work strategy. This is achieved through 3 elements:


  1. Individuals have growth mindsets and are allowed flexibility, continually focusing on improving the delivery process;
  2. Teams and groups have strong communication skills, allowing them to adjust rapidly;
  3. The entire organization is willing to respond and adapt its structures and processes.

VoIP can make your business agile

The increased flexibility and fast deployment of cloud based telephone systems and the ease of using VoIP services can lead to instant communication systems being put in place that people can access from wherever they are, which can be turned on quickly and easily, making them a vital component of a fast growing business.

Cloud based phone systems are phone services that your business can purchase on the Internet. Rather than maintaining phone system software on a server (PBX) in your office, you can purchase cloud phone system service from a provider and pay on a subscription basis.

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