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This will greatly depend on how many people need phones in your business, how much they will use the phone and what level of features you would like available to you.  As businesses can be very different, our sales team are here and ready to guide you through all the options to find a good match or build a bespoke package just for you.  Get in touch to talk about your business and find the perfect match.

Unlike other networks that try to tie you in for 4 – 7 years, it’s just a 12 month term to enjoy the benefits of our feature rich phone system at very affordable rates.

Voice over IP phones do not need a traditional phone line, they have an RJ45 Ethernet connection which plugs into your computer network, router and internet connection.  This connects your phone with the Hosted Buzz telephone system in the cloud which processes yours and forwards them to the right destination.

As the phones are all connected onto your Internet connection each Buzz phone extension is able to make or take phone calls at the same time as all the others.  This means that everyone is able to be on the phone at the same time and you are not limited to how many physical lines you have going out of your building.  Need another person to be on the phone? Easy, just add another phone and extension and plug it in to your Internet connection.

Generally most VoIP phones just need an RJ45 Ethernet cable/network connection to your Internet Router, Some phones can do this by WiFi.


Then you need is a good Internet connection that is fast enough to handle the number of phones you would like to connect and will carry VoIP. Most modern connections are fast enough to handle both computers and phones, with each call only using about 70-100Kbps, in both directions (sending your voice and receiving the other caller’s voice.  Our experienced team are always happy to talk about your current Internet and the best way to get your phones connected.

Buzz will generally supply you with pre-programmed telephones which are all ready to plug ‘n’ play into your internet connection.  These connect to our data centres via the internet which is where the main part of the hosted VoIP telephone system is sited.

There are 2 main internet infrastructures in the UK BT OpenReach or Virgin Fibre, with all the rest being middleman resellers apart from very expensive private fibre lines.  We used to be one of these middleman resellers but found that direct customers of the 2big providers get better deals and faster customer service so no now recommend that our customers get their Broadband direct at source to bet the better deal and service and no longer supply standard Broadband.

Should you be in a location where there is no access to a telephone or fibre line capable of running broadband, then it may be possible to use our 4G internet routers and data SIM’s to provide a suitable internet connection for your business with some customers experiencing speeds of up to 100Mbps down and 49Mbps up.

As we supply VoIP telephone systems nationally and internationally at very affordable rates our packages do not include on site installation.  However this is not necessary as the phones are all pre-programmed plug ‘n’ pay and ready to just be plugged into your connection.  If you need any help in doing this our telephone based support engineers are ready to talk you through it.

Voice over Internet Protocol is a way of placing telephone calls over the internet using packets of data to carry voice rather than traditional copper phone lines.  In a hosted system these packets of data are then routed into a data centre where the telephone system is and then forwarded onto the intended telephone destination via internet backbone, other hosted VoIP networks, long distance/international data lines or out onto traditional phone lines.

In comparison to being sited securely and conveniently in the cloud, a traditional analogue office telephone system is usually where each desk phone is connected via telephone cable or data cable to a PBX (Private Box Exchange) which is a hardware box or computer server based somewhere in your office to manage all the calls and features of your phone system on site.


Due to this on site PBX hardware requirement more traditional phone systems are usually a big initial investment, require costly ongoing engineer/maintenance contracts to support, often quickly outdated, limited in features or expensive to add additional features as required, are more vulnerable when held onsite and require a large amount of costly physical phone lines to be able to have multiple outside calls taking place at the same time.


If you need any help in connection the phones into your router, network or getting them to work at your end, our full telephone based support engineers are ready to help.

Once we’ve build your system in the datacentre an you’ve received your initial phone order, it’s easy to add additional services and phones onto your system an new phones are often delivered within 2-3 working days.  Once you add a new extension or service into your system it forms part of the 12 month term.

Inbound calls from certain international numbers are subject to charges. A list of the countries and cost per minute can be found here.
In March 2021 Ofcom changed the regulations for calls originating from abroad, to require UK providers to charge no more than the equivalent rates charged by their international counterparties where those are higher than the UK regulated. If you would like to read more about this please visit Ofcom.

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