In business today you need modern, reliable and flexible telephony solutions that reflect the way you work while providing quality feature-rich services with no expensive maintenance contracts. Which is why many businesses are making the smart choice and moving to business VoIP.

The solution can be a little scary for those that are looking at VoIP as a telephony option but it actually very simple and easy once you know what to look for. To help demystify VoIP and how it works we have put together our guide of 5 top tips when choosing VoIP.

1. Why choose Business VoIP?

  • Saves multiple line rentals
  • Reduces telephone bills
  • Free site to site calls
  • Ideal for flexible working
  • Keep your existing numbers

But there are many others of course with VoIP systems suitable for all sizes of business from start up’s and small businesses to large corporate organisations. One of those being you get a whole host of features without having to buy any switchboard equipment. You should expect the most popular features to be included in the basic monthly price, and then add any optional extras for a small additional cost each.

2. What should be included as standard?

Always look for main essential features and remember to cost up an extra to ensure you are getting a system you need.

  • Voicemail to email
  • Call transfer
  • Conferencing facility
  • Music on hold
  • Short code dialling

3. How do I ensure good call quality?

The secret to getting the best possible call experience we always recommend a VoIP compatible dedicated broadband connection, or at least that each concurrent user has an upload speed of 200k each available. Try this useful VoIP test that will act as a guide to see if your current connection is capable of supporting VoIP, or if you are better off installing a dedicated connection.

4. What is a SIP Licence?

That is a term used by VoIP companies that basically refers to either a user account or an extension/device licence. The cost will vary, but be wary of those offering very low cost or free licences you will often find these hike up after an initial period or there are cunning call billing plans behind it which have you paying over the odds for calls (see our next tip). Roughly speaking you need a licence per user or per phone if you have one sitting in a meeting room for instance.

5. How much do calls cost?

Each provider varies and some are more honest than others, for example we bill per second, do not charge a minimum connection fee, and round calls to the nearest second not the nearest minute. Call costs are where VoIP really comes into its own with both UK and international calls usually far cheaper than standard BT calls.

If you would find it helpful to talk to someone to discuss any of the issues then give us a call.


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